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Make money with twitter by

Social networks and other Internet projects, which help us communicate with other members of worldwide community, play a vital part of our lives. Such websites as FaceBook, Google Plus and Twitter are being visited by millions of people every day.

Apart from giving us the opportunity to stay in touch with our friends, some social networks and micro-blog systems give us an incredible chance to make money online for free. Today I would like to review a website, which helps popular Twitter users earn cash with the help of their accounts. Twitter has proved to be a powerful marketing and advertising tool in the hands of experienced webmasters. So today I am reviewing yet another Twitter advertising company –

Monetize Your Twitter Account with Advertising from
Twitter advertising networks gained their tremendous popularity over the past two years and I am pretty sure that there will be more and more users, who would like to make money with their twitter accounts, so such ad networks will never lose their publishers. is one of the newest ad networks for twitter users. They offer only one type of advertising for your account – sponsored tweets. In order to start earning money online for free with you will have to fill out a registration form and provide some information about yourself and your twitter account.

As far as I understand, the price per tweet is distinguished by the popularity of your account on (the number of followers, number of tweets, ect). If your account will be accepted to the system, you will be able to earn money for every sponsored tweet from your account. You have total control over the ads, which are to be displayed in your twitter feed, so you are likely not to lose your followers.

This twitter advertising network accepts members from all countries of the world but payments are completed via PayPal only. Minimum withdrawal limit is set at 25 dollars.

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