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Internet Marketing: 5 tips to make a lot of money with affiliate programs

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5 tips to make a lot of money with affiliate programs

1. Relevance in the audience, products and content

One of the keys to make money is to adapt, all you can, the needs of your audience, the product you will promote and produce content on their website.

For example, if my readers are mainly digital photographers, I will produce content that teaches the basics of photography, and promote books and courses for beginners or intermediate level of photography. So we have a very good opportunity to generate some sales and therefore a lot of money .

However, if trying to promote the same products at a blog like this, the campaign would fall and most likely also fall that reputation.

2. Trust is crucial

I think affiliate programs tend to work better on a blog that has a creation time and where readers have time to visit.

When you read someone who has solid knowledge of a subject, every day for a couple of years, because it is more willing to buy something he recommends, it was recommended by a complete stranger. The point here is to build credibility and trust.

3. Traffic is the key to make money online

No discussion on this point. It is evident that increase the likelihood of conversion, when a growing number of people who read your invitation to purchase a product.

Of course, it partly depends on the audience. All traffic is not equal.

For example, I may appear on the front page of Digg with a post that promotes a product and get 100 times more traffic than normal then it would, but the conversions would be 100 times greater (Simply because Digg readers do not usually have much love for the products and because I have no established relationship with them).

However, as faithful readers will grow in number, it will also increase the odds of conversion.

4. Reinforce the message

Instead of promoting a product only once, would be much more effective for a lot of money finding ways to reinforce a message over time. You could start with a banner that tells your readers what you are promoting, you could track a few days to examine the performance of the same, then monitoring may offer the testimony of a reader, then an interview with some of makers behind the product …

The key here is to find useful ways to talk about a product, without disturbing the reading of his audience (not always easy). Thus, you will remember and reinforce the message that encourages the reader to buy.

5. Positioning

Affiliate programs do not tend to work well to make money if all you do is put a banner in the sidebar of the website. You still have to convert, but in any part of your website promotion will be better placed than in the title of one of his posts.

You have to write about the product, the experience he has had to use it and do it personally.

I’m sure these 5 tips (clear, direct and practical) will be helpful to us to begin to make money with affiliate programs. If you have any additional experience, do not forget to share it.


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