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Internet Marketing: Earn Money with Paypal

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Undoubtedly PayPal is the method most commonly used worldwide to make and receive payments online. It is a tool for many businesses online impresindible to sell and make money online. Today there are nearly 90 million registered users of PayPal and the number is growing every day. If you are serious about making money online, PayPal is a tool that whether or if you should have. So if you have not already, you should register now … after you finish reading this article.

PayPal has two main account types. One is for people and the other is for business. With both accounts you can send and receive money either from friends or sales, being charged only a small commission. But if you’re thinking of doing a lot of sales should open a company, as their commissions are lower and has some other benefits.

But let what you’re looking for, how to make money with PayPal. To earn money with Paypal need, first of all, have an account with them. Register for free and also really easy. Once you have registered you can get a link that you can share with others via email, blog, social networking, etc.. If they create a PayPal Business account with your link, you will receive 1% of all sales made by your referral to a ceiling of U.S. $ 1.000. The good news is that there is no limit of number of referrals. So if you know many people interested in selling online, you can make money with this referral program.

Since joining the referral program?

1 – Register for PayPal here . It is advisable to open a premium account because it is free and has more benefits than the personal account. If you are registered to walk step number (3).

2 – Once registered click on the link give the top that says “Log”.

3 – Go to page paypal.com having your session closed and descends to the bottom of the page and give click on “Recommendations”.

4 – Read the instructions and give click to “1. Log on to your Paypal account. “

5 – You will be taken to the main page and need to login. Once started, the session will take you to the page where you can get your personal link.

Now you’re ready to spread your personal reference link and start earning money online through PayPal! Even if you are interested in referring users to PayPal, it is necessary to have an account if you are thinking about making money online.

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