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Internet Marketing: INTERNET MARKETING

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Welcome to the 21st Century, young entrepreneurs. The name of the game is getting your product, Information, etc. out there, in front of the eyes of the common man, for them to assess according to their needs, while you provide and reap rewards for your efforts. This isn’t simple however, because in a market, you are not alone, it’s survival of the fittest, and the way you present yourself and your product ultimately affects the choice of your suitors, because the Internet has opened up an endless infinitum of opportunity, and you can easily lose the plot and thus, the attention of the target audience.

So there must be a formula one must knit into his marketing strategy to? No it’s Darwinism again, dear readers, strategies are evolving and so is the general public thinking, calling out for a revolution in the approach towards a successful Online Business.


1) Attain Global Visibility; WEBSITE

Say you are running a company; you want a solid customer outreach, contact and exposure, no introductions required, you get a website (check); the cornerstone of Internet Marketing. According to, by 2015, access to the Internet via Mobile Phone will be available to round about 60% of the World’s Population. The Audience is there, they just need be wooed. And here it’s worth mentioning, the way you design your site is basically everything, the first sense of an internet free-roamer are his eyes. Be vibrant, be expressive, and lure them in for the satisfaction you promise.


2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When people look up your products, you’d want to be number one in the line that’s offering them. Thus, optimize the use of keywords in the descriptive infrastructure of your website, because a good SEO strategy will help link your site to the target audience.


3) Internet Coach

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of time, especially in the busy ordeals of your business, and this is where it’s crucial that you don’t lose your head over things that aren’t being easily comprehended by you and you get yourself a proper Consultant, with expertise over handling data over a disciplined amount of time. Time is money. Money is everything.


4) Email Marketing and the Giveaway Buffet

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Offer your customers a free product or a service and see your business make instant connections. Other than that, there’s the Email marketing technique, where you are not spit-balling out random spam mails but recognizing individual needs of the general audience and make an appropriate approach on how they may avail it from you. Create a memberships/sign-up option, by which you can stay in contact with them and most importantly add an opt-in email, of future products, services and endeavors.

5) Blogging

You and the customer are essentially in a relationship. You need to connect. Not a one-night stand, but on a regular basis. Blogs will optimize your Keyword usage and SEO strategy as well as constantly providing the audience with information, updates and familiarizing them with what you have to offer. It is fundamentally like breaking the Ice.

The World is your Oyster, go find your Pearl

Adhere to the guidelines religiously and you’ll see more patterns emerging, who knows, the next Internet Revolutionary may just be your company?





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