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Everybody is watching what happens around them. Everyone wants to know what the latest scandal in this reality show. Quire all know who won the game tonight. Everyone wants to know which was the reason for the arrest of Lindsey Lohan last. In short, everyone wants to know something, and know as soon as possible to brag about what one is updated on the news. And that has to do with making money online?

If you are aware of the most visited sites in each country, you know that news sites are the most visited sites along with search engine sites. In other words, there is a huge traffic from Internet users wanting to know what is happening today. And here is where our opportunity. But I guess now you’re wondering how to make money with News?

The idea to make money with news not use other sites … at least not directly. Our installment buyings The idea is to create its own news site. Yes, you read well, your own news site. Not to scare you know that it is necessary to create a comprehensive site and updated as MSN or Yahoo. The idea is to find our own niche and focus on. You see the idea is not unreasonable’ll give you an example. Chances are you’ve ever visited any site technology. Today there are many sites of this type and there is much competition. These sites are simply “news” of technology. There are sites dedicated to mobile phones only, only laptops, etc.. There are others who go further into the niche and only cover news of the iPhone, Google phones, computers, Dell, Facebook, etc. The point is that there are many people interested in knowing what is happening now!

How to Start a news site?

The first thing to do is look and decide which will be your niche. In other words, about what you speak. You can do it on products, pets, celebrities, politics, etc.. Made your imagination to fly and combine it with your interest. It impresindible that the site is of your interest so you can be motivated to continue and expect a slow growth of your site at least initially.

When you’ve already decided on your topic you need a website. I recommend using a blog platform like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr. Install some “theme” going according to what you’re covering, but do not complicate it too much. Choose a clean and simple. Usually you can get all this for free, but if you do not know how to find someone who can do well. If you pay someone this will be your only expense you’ll have.

Then slowly fill your site with news. The content may be out of other larger news sites. To do this you can go to the site’s search engine and enter your topic or keywords and go! There you will have content. Another idea is to go to sites that cover exactly the same as you but in another language. If you master the other language it will be very easy since you only need to translate in your own words and go. But if you do not master the language just use a translator (like Google). The translation will not be perfect but at least will understand the main idea. This idea that you understand, write it in your own words and go! Already have priopio content for your news site.

How to promote my site of news?

It is very important to be linked to social networks. Announces there and promote your site with your friends and acquaintances. Join other forum with the theme of your site and there comments on the launch of your site.

How to make money with my news site?

You can monetize your site with Google advertising, with affiliate links or selling advertising space to other businesses. The good news is that if you have focused on a niche, you know what kind of people go to the site and you’ll know what products to offer. The buyers of your advertising will also be willing to pay more because their advertising is seen almost exclusively by potential buyers. But always remember that to make money with news you must have a site with good content, and not a place to earn money and provides news that happen … if you know what I mean.


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