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Make Money By Uploading: Easy 4 Steps To Earn Money Online Without Selling Anything

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Easy 4 Steps To Earn Money Online Without Selling Anything

How to earn money online without selling anything?Almost everybody searching to earn money on the internet is selling something or using advertising funds for content. What’s the issue with one of these techniques? If everybody is performed them, how will you match these niches without some serious competition?

The reply is that you simply can’t. However, you are able to really make a lot of money with an item which doesn’t have cost. Actually, give your products away. No cost, no hidden costs, totally free. How will you make money from this insane move? Keep reading through and discover.

You may make money offering freebies!

1) Make Your Product

First, create a product. If you’re able to write, make an e-book. If you’re able to design, have business card printing.

Anything you do, make an item which you are able to hand out again and again without supplying any service. Should you not have abilities, then delegate the job to somewhere like TextBroker, RentACoder or Elance.

2) Setup Your Site

Next, setup your site. A great design might help, however the free market virtually sells itself, so an outstanding design isn’t needed. Just obtain a free website template and upload it for your host’s server.

However, while use a free template, don’t make use of a free host. Spend the additional money and get a real domain, it can help ratings.

3) Upload Your File

Now, this is the way you’ll make money. Upload your file to some service that pays you per every 1,000 downloads. A couple of websites which do this are ShareCash, Uploading and FileCash.

You upload the file and each 1,000 downloads will often internet you $1-$5. Sure, it doesn’t seem like much, consider free sell itself, getting 10,000 downloads each day will not be hard after a little marketing.

4) Market Your Product

Talking about marketing, that’s the next phase. Many people marketing the website through compensated means, like compensated traffic, but that isn’t well worth the expense and organic visitors are better anyway.

Submit some articles to EzineArticles, HubPages and ArticleCity about how exactly great your free downloads are. Also, visit some forums regarding your subject (for those who have free websites, visit a forum about websites), place your URL within the signature and begin posting. Don’t junk e-mail, only make good comments.

Following this, focus on making (or outsourcing) new items. Should you become stale, your wages will drop. Not just that, but new items can get the installing enthusiasm that the older items may begin missing.

For those who have an opt-in list attached aimed at your website, you may also email people every time you customize the product, which means you are able to alert 100s or 1000’s of individuals at the same time, those who are already thinking about your free downloads, to create large profits for every new file.

That’s the best way to generate income without selling anything.


  1. Tuwaze February 15, 2012 at 5:30 PM - Reply

    That’s the best idea I ever got since i started my making money online journey.

    Trying to sell and recruit has been kind of uphill but I think this sghould work better for me


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