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This might seem too good to be real. But yes you may make money from just watching web video. You would not make a great deal but a minimum of you’re going to get additional dollars while taking pleasure in watching videos.

Via a program known as Beezag, you will get taken care of watching web videos. Beezag is a nice simple program that pays individuals to watch short advertisements and movie trailers. If you have a free account with Facebook, you should use your Facebook ID to login into Beezag, complete your profile and begin watching short videos for money. Should you not desire to use your Facebook ID, you could make a fast account with Beezag and obtain access in to the program.

If you watch Beezag video, you will see two amounts appearing on screen that you need to remember. Once the video finishes, you’ll be requested to go in the 2 amounts. Should you provide the right amounts, you’ll be granted points. But when one enters the incorrect amounts, then you’ll have to watch the short video again and go into the right amounts once the video finishes.

You are receiving points rather than cash for every video you have viewed. If you have gathered 8,000 points, you are able to redeem for money compensated via PayPal. 1,000 points comparable to $1.00. So 8,000 points can redeem for $8 PayPal cash.

The number of videos are you able to watch daily?

That you can do five to ten videos daily or might be in addition to that. Each video can enable you to get between 20 to 90 points. So, if you’re positively watching videos in Beezag, you are able to rapidly achieve the minimum $8 payout and ask for for PayPal payment.

Beezag includes a referral program too

You are able to refer anybody to become listed on Beezag watching videos for money. You’ll get 10% of the items your recommendations earn in Beezag. If you wish to make more from Beezag, it may be beneficial to test their referral program. You can easily get individuals to join Beezag because it provides an interesting way to earn money online.

Is Beezag really having to pay?

Beezag has been around business since year 2009. It had been owned by AdGenesis network. The marketers and firms were having to pay AdGenesis to assist promote their brand via videos and Beezag is going to be responsible to obtain the online customers who’ll watch the advertisements from the marketers. To encourage more audiences to look at advertisements constantly, Beezag offers cash reward towards the audiences. Should you watch Beezag short advertisements and earn enough points, you’ll be compensated cash. Lots of people did it.

Is Beezag opened up worldwide?

Regrettably, Beezag is just open to US citizens right now. This really is most likely since the videos were specific to US people only.

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