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Make Money Selling: 4 Best websites to Make Money Selling Domains

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4 Best websites to Make Money Selling Domains

Do you know the best places to earn money selling domains ? What is the very best domain purchasing and selling market?- They are question that you’d be asking if you choose to begin to make money selling domains online. You have carried out your quest, found and registered a number of domains that the investigated demonstrated to become valuable, and today will be ready to sell them. But, where would you sell your domain names? how can you discover the potential domain purchasers?… If you’re for the reason that stage of the income generating journey trough purchasing and selling domain names, here are the best places where one can earn money selling your domains:


Undoubtedly the greatest and many famous domain title marketplace. They’re saying they’ve over ten million entries. 1000’s and 1000’s of domain names are purchased and offered on sedo every single month. But, you spend a commission when they do sell your domain names. The commission reaches 10%, the industry significant amount rival other areas that charge hefty costs for selling your domain.

GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy is among the greatest and many popular domain registrar. They likewise have a action where one can sell domains. Since GoDady is really a large domain registrar, which mean many domain purchasers use GoDady to purchase domain names, its smart to use their marketplace to market your domain names.


You most likely understood it was coming! yes, eBay is a superb spot to find purchasers for the domain names. Its a sizable market where you will find the chance to achieve potential domain purchasers from around the globe.

Online forums

You will find many online forums which have specific sections where domain purchasers and retailers can purchase and sell domain names. Among the best reasons for such forums is the fact that many of them don’t set you back almost anything to list your domain names for sell, or maybe the do cost, it is not much. The best forums for selling domain names are DNfroum, WarriorForum and DigitalPointsForum.

You will find a number of other market places where one can sell domains. However the above pointed out market places are known by experienced retailers who’re earning money selling domains online to be the greatest places to earn money selling domains online.


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