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Make Money as an Amazon eBook Author

Making money as an Amazon eBook author is a daunting task. But first you have to make sure that you have the ability to write the interesting fiction or non-fiction for the readers. So you have to determine which genre you will like to write. You should remember that before making money at Amazon as an author, you have to write an eBook which can create the interest among the Amazon readers as well as all netizen. You should also need to know the difference between the eBook and the normal book. One is ultra portable and another is not normally portable. As far as the eBook is concerned, you can carry it anywhere you like in your pocket. So this kind of ultra portability will give the readers more delight. Since, you can read the eBook on the move and also you can read it as much as you like by just rewinding it. Actually, as an author, you have to know the eBook technology well before you write an eBook.


An eBook will generate the money for the author when the eBook is written with a good intention. Moreover, it is rightly related to the reader’s mind. So in this direction, the theme of the story should be interesting and eatable to the readers as well. If you unable to write the eBook on an interesting theme. Then even Amazon will not able to make a box office hit for your eBook. So the first and prime target for you as an author will be to select the right theme for your fiction or non-fiction eBook. It is vital for any Amazon eBook author.


When you will go to publish your eBook on Amazon, then you have to take the opportunities of it which are available for its author for publishing. Amazon will provide you a lot of opportunities for publishing your eBook on its platform. So you have to read and understand it very well and grab the opportunities which are available in the front of you. Actually, once you published your eBook on Amazon platform, Amazon will automatically advertise your eBook through its extensive channels.


For making money from your eBook on Amazon, you have to choose the marketplace where your eBook will run. So selecting the right marketplace is very much essential. Actually, the theme of your eBook will determine the real marketplace for it.


The price of your eBook is very much sensitive. So when you are going to fix the price of the eBook, then you have to select the price in such a way that the reader’s pocket cannot empty as well as your pocket can be filled up. Never fix up the price of your eBook as par as the normal book price. It will never work for you.


You have to determine on which format you will write your eBook. You may write in HTML or MS Word file. Both formats are suitable for your needs. So it is up to you which one you like most.


Moreover, you have to select on which platform, you will like to publish your eBook. You may publish on Amazon’s Kindle or iPad as well. But for your case, you can use as much as a platform. It is a better move not to stick to one particular platform. Rather you can explore the multiple platforms as well.

Therefore, as an author, you can make money through Amazon if you follow the principles of the Amazon platform blindly.

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