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If you’ve ever sold anything on the internet the chances are you have used sites like eBay and MercadoLibre . These sites are very popular and usually have many tools that allow you to sell with ease. The bad thing is that these sites usually have very high fees, which reduces your profits. Well, how to sell online for free? or in other words, how to sell online without paying commissions or fees?

There are literally thousands of pages that allow you to sell online for free. It is difficult to identify which are the best pages to sell online.

First you have to take into account the traffic that each page. The more traffic, the more we sell. On the other hand, the more traffic you will usually have more competition. To check the traffic that each site, I recommend you go to and enter the address in the white box and hit click on “Search”. If “Alexa Traffic Rank” says “No Data”, do not bother posting your articles on this site.

Also look out if the site actually sell products. I say this because there are many sites that offer very few things to sell and most published only affiliate links . If a website does not have many products for sale, buyers rarely reach such a place. To make sure that if you sell products, just browse the site and look at the publications. If there are many links and contact information for staff, forget the site.

Ten encuenta you should be careful with the information you put into your posts. We recommend creating an email account solely to sell these types of sites they will receive plenty of email, both potential customers and advertising. Create a Gmail account. It’s easy and free.

Now that you know how to sell online for free, take a look at the list of top rated sites you’ll find down here.

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Not only can you sell online through a free classifieds site, but you can also sell through social networks like Facebook and Twitter . If you have any recommendation please feel free to share in your comments.

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