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Make Money Selling: A Step by Step Guide to Make Money by Selling On eBay

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Earn money by selling items you no longer need!
With over 100 million items for sale every day and nearly 300 million members worldwide, eBay is the leading e-commerce.
Read step by step guide, before you start selling your items on eBay
Sold by others? Products similar to yours have they already sold and at what price?
To answer these questions, research by looking at the completed listings. This can help you locate the value of your object among similar products.
If no comparable sales has occurred recently, this may be that your object is very rare and then perhaps unsaleable, ..
1. While presenting its subject
a. See what others are doing, especially those who have produced many sales and items with many bids already. You will not inspire you in error of their style.
b. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer: what will be put in the search engine what the student will buy your item (photos, description). When you shop on the Internet, what makes you buy an item?
c. Use keywords to help you appear in search engines, not just Ebay, but also in Google. Google very well the reference pages of Ebay, i.e. pine kitchen table + 4 chairs. You have 55 characters for your ad. Use them in a relevant manner, avoiding superlatives and unnecessary punctuation as “Superb table !!!”.
Also avoid the development of marks and references to the detriment of the name of the object, e.g. SONY DSC-T100 recent. Prefer: Digital Camera SONY DSC-T100
d. Ask yourself if one photo is enough or if you would win to show your subject from different angles.
e. Make an honest and accurate description. If the object is defective or signs of wear, say so (eg, a stripe of 3 cm). The buyer knows they are buying an opportunity, it will put at ease and avoid disputes later.
2. What starting price you choose?
You can place a reserve price is the lowest price that you agree to sell the item. Buyers do not know the price and you do not have to sell if the reserve price was not met.
Or you can choose classic fixed-price sales (Buy Now). This is possible only if you have minimum 10 assessments (as a buyer or seller) or being enrolled in the debit payment.
3. Shipping fees
Delivery costs must include the cost of transport and the price of the package (box, protective equipment, …)
Delivery is recommended Colissimo, the deadline is 48 for France and 4 to 8 days for international. Rates are posted on the site Colissimo.
4. Choose how long? When put his item for sale?
For an object at auction, no need to opt for a long run in that almost everything is played in your last minutes on Ebay. Choose from 5 to 7 days. This leaves time buyers to locate your subject and follow before making their proposal.
Try to complete the auction on Sunday evening between 20h and 23h, buyers are more available on weekends, especially Sunday night. Buyers are waiting for the last hour to raise prices.
Attention sale ends at the exact time it was put online. A sale ended at 1 am is not a winning strategy.
If you chose the “buy now” in your best interest to choose an on-line for 10 days. The longer it is seen, the greater the chance of being purchased.
5. Method of payment to choose
To rule out any potential buyer, it is preferable to provide two modes of regulation most common: the check and PayPal.

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