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Make Money with Yahoo Answers: How to maximize you time on Yahoo! Answers

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How to maximize you time on Yahoo! Answers

All discussion forum participation has its limits, and you can make the most of Yahoo! Answers with a few simple steps. By maximizing your time spent on each question or answer section, you will be able to become much more productive in the long-term.

There are many different ways to increase your online exposure with minimal effort. As you gain practice on Yahoo! Answers, you will have a strong sense of what the community is looking for, and develop the right tone and strategy for many of your postings. It’s important that you get a firm understanding of the topic and subject that you are working within. With internet marketing, you cannot overlook the value of clear and targeted information. The idea is to help others while helping yourself; you must provide valuable information on a consistent basis in order to reap the rewards of your work.

If you are promoting a specific product, make sure you follow all rules and guidelines on how to add affiliate links. Even though you might not be able to post the affiliate link directly on your Yahoo! Answers posting page, think about alternatives. You might be able to visit a Yahoo! Answer’s participant’s blog or profile page, and participate in a blog or discussion group there. You might also find it valuable to visit other user’s websites and contact them through their individual contact form pages. You always want to make sure that you do this tactfully; anything less, and your messages and invitation will be considered spam.

Trust is an important factor throughout your online community participation, and you will need to do this by developing friendships over time. You can establish your place on Yahoo! Answers by participating on a regular basis, networking with different groups, and providing high quality information whenever you post. You can share and learn from others, and even when you are not participating directly with a group, you can add comments and other insights. The objective is to create an online ‘presence’ for your potential visitors, and you can review various types of information that may not lead directly to your website or turn into a sale.

A word-of-mouth recommendation is one of the most powerful tools for any product or service that you might be interested in promoting. If you can encourage users to participate in a forum or discussion forum that promotes your product, you will have a significant advantage over your competitors. When people are voluntarily posting information about your website, service, or even something that you have recommended yourself, you can start to create a highly valuable following and network of potential customers.

Whenever possible, position a special discount or offer to only a select group of visitors. If you are giving away something for free, make sure you are doing so with members of the forum or discussion that are likely to pursue it. You won’t have an idea of how to do this until you have participated within the group for an extended period of time. Make sure you have outlined the special offers, discounts, giveaways, and promotions in clear detail.

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