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Make Money with Yahoo Answers: Profitable Yahoo Answers

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Profitable Yahoo Answers

The key to understanding how to make Yahoo! Answers work for you lies in creating a profitable set of answers for people to review. Making sure every contribution stays within the Community Guidelines will always be a part of the process, and it’s important that you learn how to work within each niche community that you participate in. It will be useless, for example, to post in groups and provide feedback on items that are not relevant to your business. The objective is to provide a valuable response to the person asking the question that will not only encourage them to listen to you and possibly visit your site, but also give other users a chance to see what you are promoting.

For the best results, keep in mind the following key steps:

• Read other responses and prompts carefully; look for details that you can elaborate on

• Provide supportive arguments and references, not just your opinion. Make sure you are including references and sources as you need them

• Quote other blogs or websites accurately and appropriately; give credit to the right party!

• Search for balanced replies

• Refrain from attacking people, and always provide quality, positive messages and posts

Earning a respectable position on Yahoo! Answers takes time, and you won’t get ahead by posting unrelated items and topics on a subject. You’ll want to spend a significant amount of time narrowing down your niche, and find relevant topics to work within. After creating some valuable responses and posting them to the site, just wait for other users to find you. When they see your active and valuableparticipation, they will be more likely to review your information themselves. As a Yahoo! Answers participant, you will start to earn respect from other community members which in turn will give you more freedom to answer questions on an ongoing basis.

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