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Making money from traffic: How To Stand Out From The Crowd in

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How To Stand Out From The Crowd in

How To Stand Out From The Crowd in

So how do you stand out from the crowd? There are millions of people signed on with after all, right?

No worries. makes it easy for users to search for sites or people with common interests using keywords and their search engine tool. If you followed any of the advice above, then you likely created a web page filled with keywords, images and interesting facts or tidbits that will attract people to your site. Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to sites like, there are some definite “dos” and some things you should not do.

  • Do set up a simple, good-looking page.
  • Avoid setting up a walking advertisement. If you want to use your space at to send people to your web sales letter, then do so. Do not simply post your sales letter as your front page on Remember, this is a social networking site. People want to learn ABOUT you. They want to know what you offer, but they do not necessarily want you to sell to them directly (unless you have a classified ad).
  • Post ads to the classifieds section.
  • Spend some time surfing and find out what sites are popular hubs. Why are the popular sites popular? Do they use dramatic color schemes, dynamic pages? Do they incorporate many photographs? Maybe they just contain interesting and fun information. Take notes.
  • Find out what other people on are creating if they may offer complementary services to you. You can network with them and find out ways to promote your information as well as theirs. Trade links, share freebies, offer them incentives to collaborate with you, or create a joint venture opportunity.
  • Do not be rude or slanderous. You could be liable for libel if you place derogatory or false information about someone or a company on your page. There is freedom of speech, however there are also rules and regulations protecting people’s rights and privacy. If you have a complaint, file it somewhere else.
  • Do be open to feedback from people visiting your page.
  • Do provide your guests an opportunity to contact you or provide you feedback. A guestbook is one way to do this.
  • Do play around with your site regularly. The more you test the better you will be at perfecting your site and attracting the largest crowds of people.
  • Do keep information fresh and appealing. If you want people to come back to your space on often, then you will have to create dynamic pages with changing content. You can do this easily by adding a blog feature or content manager to your site so you can upload new pictures, information and other tidbits about your site.

Lastly, remember you have to have fun when creating your site. is one of the few social networking sites that offer users the opportunity to not only advertise, but also have fun.

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