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Making money from traffic: Online Marketing Options

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Online Marketing Options

If your goal is to simply increase traffic, there are many options available for your niche website. You can create a successful website in minimal time by using specific strategies and techniques. In addition, making sure you are comfortable with SEO techniques can also help you create significant exposure for your small business in the long-term. From building your e-mail newsletter list, to setting up an auto responder service for all of your subscribers, you will be creating an effective multi-channel marketing strategy that will help you boost your online web presence more effectively each time.

When you are creating a strategy that makes use of online discussion forums and social interaction participation, it can be helpful to look at the larger scope of your internet marketing strategy as well. There are essentially five levels of the sales process involved when selling or promoting your product. Whether it is a product or service, having an online presence will be critical to your long-term success, and can help you create a steady stream of customers simply out of referrals. Add the component of Yahoo! Answers as a tool to generate interest, and you will be helping drive traffic to your site and successfully close that sale!

Providing this ‘human touch’ to your marketing efforts will help you stand out from the competition. This has an enormous positive impact, since you are providing helpful and valuable information to your potential customers, essentially leading them into the sales process.

You’ll discover a basic five step sales process as you build your Internet marketing strategy, and as you pursue it with more finesse, you can naturally start to build confidence in your target group. By identifying your target customers through Yahoo! Answers searches, or other tools available to you, you will find it becomes much easier to present new products and extend your marketing efforts to a large scale.

A successful online sales process can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You will need to outline all five levels as soon as possible, so that you can study and apply a variety of techniques each step of the way. After identifying your key products, you can structure specific campaigns and targeted questions and answers for each segment.

Keep in mind that all five levels of the sales process build upon each other; once you start creating a sales and marketing channel through one online outlet, you can start to branch out into other segments as well. The five levels of the sales process itself, however, are:

1. Marketing and prospecting (finding your target market)

2. Building credibility (developing a trustworthy profile, and building integrity each time you provide value)

3. Leading the buyer through the process

4. Presenting the product

5. Successfully closing the sale

Steps three through five will essentially take place right on your website; this is your chance to introduce the customer to your products, and lead them into the right direction to close your sale. The first two steps will take place online in a variety of ways. These may include:

Blog postings

Comments on profiles

Posting specific answers to questions

Your best strategy will involve all five segments of the sales process. Understanding how to carry out each one for your online business is an important part of developing an effective marketing strategy.



The first level involves marketing and prospecting. Prospecting is simply finding the right group to focus on with the bulk of your advertising efforts, in any form that this may be in. You can achieve this through pay per click advertising to attract visitors to your site. You might be able to create an effective strategy through search engine optimization. You might also be able to do some offline marketing in order to create a brand presence and keep your product or idea on the top of your target market’s mind. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important that you have developed a Unique Selling Proposition—namely, the critical components or product that you are presenting. You will need to make sure that this stands out from your competition, and make the best effort to highlight as many benefits of your product.


The second level is to build credibility and trust. You do not need to have an offline business to understand how important this is, and you can build credibility immediately each time you provide value with your interactions. You can build trust by promoting a valuable website as well. Does your sales copy draw people into the site? What does your design template look like? Are there grammatical errors on your web page or scattered throughout the site? Have you designed the site with plenty of graphics and attractive features? If not, your marketing efforts could be wasted. You will gain instant credibility when you attract a large amount of visitors with a powerful website. Your site should help lead your visitors towards a sale as often as possible.


The third level of marketing involves leading the customer to the sale. A person who is looking for information throughout the website or blog should be able to find it relatively easily. Site navigation, attractive components of the site, and making sure the user has a ‘map’ of your site will help increase the chances of a sale.


The fourth level of your marketing strategy will involve the sales process. You can present the product or service in a valuable and attractive way, and the presentation should help you step through the selection process with very little effort. As you present each product, make sure you clear the way for your customers to make their purchase! Your guidance will help you in the long-term.


The final stage of closing the sale involves making the visitor feel comfortable. Do you have enough payment options available? Have you created compelling descriptions for everything you present? Taking the guesswork out of making the purchase will help develop the right purchasing mentality. Even if your potential customer doesn’t make the purchase today, the experience of the site can stick out long enough in their minds to help them make a future purchasing decision. If you have an well-designed website, you can look forward more successes over the long-term.

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