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Tips: 9 tools to earn money with twitter

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Twitter, as everyone knows, is really a microblogging website accustomed to keep buddies and affiliates informed about interesting occasions along with other info. But it is also used like a advertising tool to advertise your company. You can use it to announce new items, and also hardwearing . clients up-to-date with company news, and also to get new clients. Here are a few tools that will help you market your business on Twitter:-

Twhirl – This can be a desktop application which allows you to connect with multiple Twitter, laconi.ca, Friendfeed and Seesmic accounts. It monitors updates, reduces the length of lengthy Web addresses, and finds tweets which mention your username. It may operate on both Home windows and Mac platforms.

Twitter tools – This can be a WordPress wordpress plugin. It combines involving the Twitter account and blog.

Socialtoo.com – Socialtoo can keep an eye on all those who have adopted or unfollowed you. Additionally, it allows you to definitely send a confirmation message to anybody that has began following you. If required, additionally, it may enable you to blacklist customers and stop them from following you.

Tweet Deck – It allows you to control every aspect of the Twitter account. You can handle several Twitter accounts via Tweet Deck. It is also accustomed to improve your Facebook account and follow Facebook buddies.

PocketTweets – This application allows you to tweet utilizing an apple iphone.

Twaitter – This can be a free application open to anybody that has a Twitter account. The password accustomed to login for your Twitter account may be used to login to Twaitter. You can use it to plan your tweets and recurring tweets.

Twitpic – It allows you to share your pictures via Twitter. Twitpic also offers a choice of discussing your pictures using a mobile device. It’s free for anybody that has a Twitter account and also the same password may be used to sign in into it.

Tweetburner – This can be a very helpful tool to trace the number of individuals have clicked on a hyperlink that you’ve shared on Twitter.

URL shrinkers – These power tools are extremely helpful for Twitter entrepreneurs. As tweets are restricted to 140 figures, you can’t manage to waste space using lengthy Web addresses. URL shrinkers like ‘TinyURL’ may be used to shrink your lengthy Web addresses in order to save space for the tweets.

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