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Tips: Why Free Publicity can help you

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Why Free Publicity can help you

Building a community and network is your ultimate goal with all of your marketing efforts, online and offline. Yahoo! Answers provides just one online opportunity to improve your community relations, and online marketing is moving in new directions with the availability of blogs, press releases, news aggregators, discussion forums, and bulletin boards readily available.

Tapping into the right networks is an important part of the process, and free publicity can be a valuable way to create opportunities for an effective sales channel. Savvy internet marketers are finding much success by adapting specific techniques to the niche market. Serving as an information provider is one of them, but a community will also be responsive to relevant content and exclusive information more often than not.

Discussion lists and user groups are an effective way to promote your business on the web, providing you with a wealth of contacts to tap into. Not only can you start meeting the goals of obtaining new leads, but this can help build your website or blog’s credibility naturally. The more people that become aware of you as a resource of information, the higher the chances of your survival with the competition.

When you are participating in a community discussion board, a forum, or a Yahoo! Answers segment, it’s important to observe the tone and general guidelines as often as possible. You may need to take some time to get a ‘feel’ of the discussion at hand before jumping in. This can make you more ‘friendly’ to the average visitor, and by posting on a regular basis, you may even help develop a following. Making sure people are getting the most out of your participation will always be a goal. Instead of being labeled as a spammer, you will start to simply be a frequent participant.

Your profile page on any community discussion group or forum can always work to your benefit. Anytime that you join a group where you are allowed to set up a profile page, you can make the most of it by adding your URL, adding relevant links from content from your website, and providing contact information. The more comfortable that people become with your presence, the higher the chances that they will consider what you have to say, participate in discussions with you, and make extra attempts to stay in touch.

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