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Ways To Make Money: Earn Mnney from your own Skyrove Internet Wi-fi

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Are you currently searching for an inconvenience free method to provide wi-fi use of your visitors? Skyrove has got the perfect solution for you personally, whether you take a guesthouse, a cafe or Internet coffee shop.

What Skyrove offers

Skyrove´s fully-supported solution converts your company right into a Wi-Fi Hotspot where your visitors or clients get instant internet access utilizing their own laptops, PDA’s or Wi-Fi cell phones.

The benefits of using Skyrove

It’s an inconvenience-free solution: Customers simply open their browser, get rerouted towards the Skyrove site, register and get credits utilizing their charge cards and/or from their hotspot provider.

You get additional earnings in line with the customer’s Internet usage.

You’re protected against bandwidth-abuse.

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