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Ways To Make Money: Earn money online with Scour

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Scour is really a Internet Search Engine which makes serious cash. You accumulate Scour points for searching on the internet, leaving comments in your search finds and voting. After you have gathered a particular quantity of Scour points they problem you having a Visa Gift Certificate that enables you to definitely draw funds from the ATM all over the world that accepts Visa Cards.

When registering to Scour, you will discover a user interface which has a social media feel, permitting you to definitely contact recommendations that link up under you, and you’ll have the ability to monitor Scour points that you simply accumulate.

Points System

Inviting buddies will enable you to get 50 Scour points after they have registered

Get 1 point for searching for Scour, 1 point for each election you cast, and 1 point for leaving comments around the sites you look for

Scour includes a great affiliate marketing program that provides you 25% from the points your recommendations earn, which means you need don’t have to do everything!

Getting Compensated your Visa Gift Certificate

You receive compensated having a Visa Gift certificate. You’ll have the ability to money in your points for an additional values:

$25 Visa charge card like a gift should you accumulate 6500 points

$50 Visa charge card like a gift should you accumulate 12500 points

$100 Visa charge card like a gift should you accumulate 25000 points

Scour Tools

Scour allow us some helpful tools to assist its customers earn points and get more advantages of this program. Here are a few helpful tools and devices that will help you:

Search the web out of your browser using the Scour Plugin

Searchbar wordpress plugin with choices to download for the favorite browser option, Opera, Ie, Google Chrome and Opera

Scour Points calculator to determine how much cash you can generate by yourself with your buddies

Leader board to determine who’re the present point leaders and top cash outs around the Scour Community

Scour Blog keeping you current using the latest news

Scour provides search engine results which are a mix of major searches from search engines like google Google, Yahoo and Bing. Additionally, you are able to give approval and discuss any search engine results. This causes it to be a type of social internet search engine network. Another fantastic way to generate income.


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