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Ways To Make Money: Earn Money with Free Applications

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How to earn money with free applications would be a question I discovered when researching about creating cash with applications. There’s been lots of buzz recently about how to earn money with applications, whether it’s Android applications, iPhon applications or whoever else. For this reason I authored How to earn money with Applications to begin with.

However, its not all application you are making will probably be worth purchasing to customers. They might be prepared to do the installation if it is free, however they might not be prepared to pay for this. Or it may be simply that you’ve made the decision to create your application open to everybody free of charge, however, you still prefer to have cash with it to a minimum of cover the price of development as well as your time allocated to it. Fortunately, you will find a couple of simple methods of earning money with free applications:

Earning money for free applications!


Advertising is a superb option if this involves making money with a totally free application. You should use mobile ad systems like InMobi, AdMob or apple’s own network iAd to generate money within-application advertising. They incorporate advertisements inside your application and each time someone clicks individuals advertisements, you receive compensated. It’s as easy as that. Some application proprietors have reported generating cash with free applications that utilize advertising than applications they’ve been selling for approximately $10.

Market your compensated applications

For those who have other compensated applications, you should use your free application to advertise them. It can help generate lots of purchase for the compensated applications, particularly if your free applications is a that individuals like, they’ll be more prone to purchase your compensated applications.

Advertise your blog Or Web site

Are you currently a blogger or perhaps a website owner too?. Well, why don’t you make use of your free application in an effort to market your site and drive traffic towards it! Imagine just how much traffic you will get for your site, particularly if your application turns into a large hit. The best of this is the fact that a number of individuals site visitors will put money into services and products you provide in your site.

Use sponsorship

Another highly lucrative method of earning money with free applications is thru sponsorship. It’s similar to advertising, however in an infinitely more focused way, for the reason that you simply advertise one (or perhaps a couple of) brands in your application. Based on you application and what it really does, you’ll find firms that their services and products are in some way highly relevant to the purpose of your application.

These are a couple of good ways to earn money with free applications. As more people begin using and demanding new programs, you will see more possibilities. Applications have become progressively popular and designers are coming up with brand new ones right and left. The application marketplace is just getting began and it’ll only develop.

Don’t miss the boat! Employ this new and emerging market and begin considering and developing new and interesting applications that customers will like. You may either create compensated applications making money selling them or earn money by providing them free of charge, now you know how to earn money with free applications.

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