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Ways To Make Money: Make a lot of cash with sourceforge

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Make a lot of cash with sourceforge

What’s surprises me is that many people don’t understand what open source is which you may make a lot of cash with it.

When a computer program is distributed under Free license typically this means you are able to modify it then sell it as being your personal. Some have limitations obviously however, many don’t.

You will find 1000’s of various programs available you could sell after making some changes towards the source code and adding some capabilities.

You can visit to Source Forge and discover applications in several niche marketplaces.

For instance, I discovered that one known as Ultimate Submission. I question if the hasn’t been released already on Clickbank before among individuals 1-click riches programs.

It’s all of the awesome features for website promotion. I’m able to soo see someone selling it as being an application that “drives countless visitors” aimed at your website overnight

Should you spend some time trying to find these programs you will discover some real high quality ones you could use as beginning point for your own personel software. You’ll find desktop programs, wordpress plug ins, internet based tools etc.

It’s very essential that you browse the terms and license agreement before you decide to attempt to make any changes towards the source code. The main one I discovered really enables you to definitely market it.

I’m not suggesting to produce the following top CB product with false claims but you might take this idea and make your personal lucrative software without trading lots of money. You can employ a programmer from some freelance site as well as for $300-$500 get him to customize the software which makes it more user-friendly and perhaps adding newer and more effective features.

To begin with, you need to develop a listing of software packages which are already selling available. You shouldn’t spend your time and cash on something which doesn’t sell. Then put forth sites like SourceForge.internet and begin trying to find similar tools that are offered under Free license.

The following factor for you to do is download it and try it out. When you are testing it, attempt to develop ideas regarding how to enhance the software or allow it to be more user-friendly. A number of them may not work so make a listing of all of the errors you receive while testing it.

After you have fully examined it and also have develop all the new changes you have to make go employ a programmer from Odesk or Elance to get it done all for you personally.

When the software you’re focusing on is for the net Marketing niche then you definitely have no idea need to bother about visitors to market it. Just launch a WSO on Warrior Forum and you’ll most likely bank some niche chunk of change.

I’ve come across many WSOs selling modified Free applications.

But it’s not necessary to market it to earn money by using it. You may also build a listing by offering the program free of charge. Think about a awesome reputation for your oral appliance just relabel it.

Then just setup a pleasant landing page and drive traffic towards it anyway you are able to. I’d do solo advertisements, compensated reviews, and perhaps buy media basically were built with a good sales funnel mounted on it.

There’s certainly lots of potential if this involves Free code. I understand a couple of large product launches within the IM space in which the product being offered only agreed to be a better free tool which was available under free license.

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