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Ways To Make Money: Make Money With Facebook

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Make Money With Facebook

The Real Facebook ‘Eldorado’


So far, we’ve looked in detail at most of the new advertising
initiatives that Facebook has recently introduced such as Social Ads, Pages and
Beacon, and concluded that, at least at this moment, there is probably not a
great deal of money being made.

There is one aspect of Facebook, however, where there certainly
is money being made, and quite large amounts of it too.

This is in the area of creating what are known as ‘applications’
for Facebook.

These are best described as additional third party software
programs or modules that can be added to you Facebook profile or home pages to
add functionality or simplify matters.

So, when we were looking at making your Online Store page as
attractive as possible, it was suggested that you should add video and picture
applications as one step towards doing so.

Applications for Facebook have been around for quite some time
now, and with the recent creation of the F8 platform, application development
has take another significant step forward.

Developers are now able to create applications that are readily
and easily integrated into Facebook because they have been given access to the
same source code that Facebook themselves use.

This clearly makes it far easier to build the applications that
will then enable users to interact with their associates, friends and your
business much more easily.

So, how does this allow the application creator to make money?




Take a look at this page of some of the most popular current
applications that are available.

The first listed application here has been downloaded by over
four and a half million users!

And every one of those users has been shown the application
developers ‘Page’ at least one time! That is 4.5 million potential advert views
driven by the creation of one simple little application!

So, how can that make money?

Here’s an example. Note that the third most popular application
is called ’Causes’.

This is, as the name might suggest, an application that enables
you to help your favorite charity or cause.




Causes are very ‘big’ on Facebook, which again fits well with
the image of the average Facebook user that we have already built.

See, the big, big secret to Facebook advertising success is
making sure that your advertising looks like anything but advertising. Do this
well, and you can make money.

Here’s an example.

Find a cause that has universal appeal. For example, a charity
supporting action against breast cancer would work.

Create an application, and on the Page that gets shown when it
is added by a Facebook community member, add a toolbar for free download.

Monetize this toolbar with an attractive CPA offer that will pay
you a $1 for every download of the toolbar that will then sit on the user’s
desktop carrying that promoter’s advertising.

Pledge to give $150 to the breast cancer charity in question for
every 1000 toolbars that are downloaded.

So, you make $1000 for every thousand toolbars downloaded and
you pay $150 of that to the charity (cause) of your choice.

The net result is that the charity gets a nice little present
for doing nothing and you get to pocket $850!

And, guess what?

This is no hypothetical scenario.

It actually happened a couple of years ago……..and one and a half
million toolbars were downloaded in the space of one week!

Does that seem like good money to you?

I would think that it probably does.

After all, $850,000 in one week for building one tiny
application and a bit of creative thinking is not too bad, is it?

So, the key is thinking in what used to be called a lateral
manner (i.e. sideways) and is nowadays called ‘out of the box’.

By now, I hope that this report has given you at least an
inkling of the kind of person that you are dealing with at Facebook.

Generally (and, of course, this is an extremely broad
generalization) your average Facebook community member will be an educated
person with a social conscience.

This is going to be someone that intrinsically wants to help
others, who is at the same time extremely resistant to ‘ordinary’ advertising.




So, what can you do that will appeal to this individual?

Now, of course, the first step is to get your page in front of
the community member so that they are in a position to take advantage of your

So, you need to come up with an idea for a great application,
but you do not have to come up with something that is totally original or world

Simply look at all of the applications that are already working,
and see how you can improve them.

Remember that the Japanese built one of the world’s most
successful car making industries based entirely on that theory, so it has been
done before, and there is little doubt that it works.

Then, apply a lot more thought to what your killer ‘advertising,
but not advertising’ offer should be.

What cause can you support, and how can you monetize our

Or, perhaps you might like to think of this as another money
making idea.

A friend recently sold two applications for $19000 each.

He freely admits that if he had the patience to hang around then
he could probably have got twice this amount, but he was happy enough with the
quick sale of a couple of applications that took half a days work each to
create, and were around a year old in both cases!

What he is sold here were not applications. They are nothing
more than essentially worthless snippets of computer code.

What he sold was the fact that as a result of the popularity of
these applications, thousands or millions of new visitors would be forced to
view an advertising Page.

So, applications are a superbly effective way of making certain
that your Page gets seen, hence the sales value that they have.

At this point in time, ‘applications’ is definitely the best and most
effective way of making good money from Facebook.


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