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Ways To Make Money: Make Money With Google Maps

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Earn Money with Google Maps? Yes! it sounds strange it is possible to make money online using Google Maps! If you have ever put into the Google search engine the word “pizzeria”, “restaurants”, “school” or similar words, you’ll know what I’m referring to. If you are looking for local services, usually with stitches or maps really red marker will appear indicating where you can find such a service.

Google has something like an obsession to help people find local businesses. Go local businesses a great opportunity to offer other services paid advertising and more. Also see that the best help users find local businesses, these users prefer Google, rather than competition. In this case the serious competitor Yahoo, Bing, and even Facebook! Yes, Facebook and Places application that helps local businesses to be found. Well, if Google is interested in helping local businesses to be found is because there must be enough money you can win with them … and also an opportunity for another to make money with Google Maps =)

This is where you come in! You can help local businesses and Google and make money for it! The idea is to help local businesses to be listed in Google Maps. That is, you are helping to meet local business users directly from Google. The truth is that many businesses have ignored it or simply do not know, and only those who enjoy a location in Google Maps really know how advantageous it is to appear on that map.

To make money with Google Maps you’ll have to contact local businesses (in your area) and explain the benefits listed here. Many will find it something new and very interesting. And then offer them your services. This service is simply included in Google Maps. For this service you can charge whatever they want because there is no cost to you. To set a price for this service please note that if you charge a lot, many people do not accept your services and try to learn how to do it for themselves. But if you charge too little … not serious business. So that’s something we have to decide.

How to Register a Business and Make Money With Google Maps

Ok, I think it’s great to make money with Google Maps! … But as I do or where I’m going to list a business? That’s an interesting question because to register a local business and do to appear on Google Maps, no need to register with Google Maps. Not?? then where?? The answer is Google Places!

Now go to and search google places. The first result will aparesca you are looking for. Register, follow all the instructions and you’ll learn everything you need to start your own local service to help businesses to appear on Google Maps! You see? Dress that is easy to make money with Google Maps.

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    I have exactly what info I want. Check, plesae. Wait, it’s free? Awesome!

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