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Ways To Make Money: Make Money with Squidoo

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Make Money with Squidoo

What is Squidoo? Squidoo is a new online tool that basically lets you create your own space on the internet. It is something like a combination between a website and a blog, but you can use as you paresca more convenient. Squidoo is based on the idea that we are all experts in something, and as such we can create our own space to share our knowledge.

But how to make money with Squidoo? Squidoo lets you create your own “lens” (page) with your own content. In return for your effort in creating content, Squidoo shares the profits with you all that may come from advertising placed on your site. For example, if you have visitors to your Lens, and they click on some advertisement, Squidoo and you earn for those clicks.

Squidoo has different “modules” which would become something like applications that can incorporate into your Lens. There are different types of modules. There are modules to do surveys, get feedback, sell on eBay, sell on Amazon, etc. And here’s another chance to generate income. For example, you can use Amazon module to list products that may be related to the topic of your lens. The profits from such sales will be received by Squidoo and then they share the profits with you. The good news is that almost every day adding new modules that you can take to increase visits to your Lens and so earn some extra money.

There are many advantages in creating your Squidoo Lens compared to creating your own website or blog. The first and most important advantage of all is that despite the many features is Squidoo, everything is absolutely free! Another advantage is that Google loves Squidoo. That means that the largest Internet search engine indexes very quickly and with Lens preference when it comes to show results.

Whichever way you use Squidoo to make money online, take care to have good content. That means you can not copy a paragraph from another article and paste it into your Lens. People realize this … and Google too. So if you are an expert in something, anything (literally!), please register at and start earning extra money with that knowledge you already have.

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