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Ways To Make Money: Smart small investments can accumulate wealth for you

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Smart small investments can accumulate wealth for you

Smart small investments can accumulate wealth for you


It is not only saving that is sufficient enough to help you accumulate wealth. But, it is through investment of your savings that you can reach your financial goals. If you are already into debts, you can use the returns that you have generated through investments,to become debt free.  The time value of money in enormous. Money grows in compound rate. The early you start investing your money the better it is for you. If your monthly income is not too high, then also you can start your investment exercise by investing bit by bit on a regular basis. With wise investment on a consistent basis, you can build up substantial wealth after a certain period of time. Again, if you are interested to initiate investments but lack courage to do so on your own, it is advised that you must take the help of a reputable investment advisor. However, before selecting your investment advisor, you have to be very careful. You must check the credentials and references of your advisor. An authentic advisor will show you the right way to invest your hard earned money. Anyways, here we discuss about some tips that will help you a lot in your investment exercise.


Set your short term and long term goals

You should have proper idea about your short term and long term financial goals. Any investment that you can ideally hold for less than 5 years can be termed as short term investment and investments that you can ideally hold for more than 10 years can be termed as long term investments. Here, it is to be noted that stock market behaves very erratically in the short term. In other words, stock market is very volatile in the short run. Moreover, it has been proved by various studies that over the long run, stock market returns outweigh returns from all other types of investments. So, it makes sense to view short market as long term investment vehicle and to design your investments accordingly.


Invest in different asset classes

Your investment should be a smart mix various bonds, different stocks of various sectors, mutual funds. In other words, you should invest all your money, whatever be the amount, in a single stock or in the stock hailing from a particular sector. This is dangerous, because, in case that particular stock or that particular sector fares badly, you will be in the risk of losing your entire money. So, it will be wise to invest in various stocks of different sectors. This will minimize the risk of loss.


Know about your investments

Before entering into the world of investing, you must gather knowledge about the basics of investing as well as fundamental and technical analysis. By applying fundamental and technical analysis, you can find out a potential stock. Again, if you are investing in a mutual fund, it is recommended that you must thoroughly go through the policy document.


Only through your well informed, knowledgeable, well-researched and intelligent investment, you can accumulate wealth.


Author- Barbara Delinsky

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