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Work At Home: Get rich quick on the Internet

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Get rich quick on the Internet

You want to know how quickly the Internet empire without having to do much for it?

After a short time you would like to see the money flowing into your bank account and relaxed on the beach to enjoy life?

Then unfortunately I have bad news for you in this article.

Quick and easy
Queries such as “get rich quick”, “I’ll get rich quick” and “get rich without working” there are thousands every month on the Web.

Requests “to earn money with a lot of work” such as, “to earn money endurance” or “earn money with discipline,” according to Google, however as there are not so good.

That may not be surprising, but it shows very well that many people, especially younger ones, must find a way to quickly and without much work to earn money .

And if you do not want to get into the organized crime, which is certainly also has its drawbacks , as many have the idea, especially on the internet would be possible.

. “Earn 5,000 euros per month with 2 hours work a day,” There used to in the classifieds of daily newspapers as “serious” offers such as the time you have “only” 200, – € one end to get all this information. And unfortunately, that have made many people even frightening.

Today there are emails and websites that make similar promises, and many people are paying these offers and promises, unfortunately, think again today.

Why did I just “younger people” might attribute. I believe that life experience has been something to do with it. I myself have 36 years with my now very different experiences and thus also a different attitude towards many of these offers.

When I was young, I believed in such things, or rather more, I wanted to believe them. Even a few years ago when the Internet business has picked up speed, I was hoping to also be one of those times, who sold his startup for millions. It was not my only plan, but you are dreaming of it’s been sitting over night to get rich and make no more financial worries to have.

But the reality is different.

The image to the outside
If one or the web and offline stories about Internet millionaires reads, then not only extremely motivated (which is in itself a positive thing), but it also consumes the reality. And that’s the biggest problem is.

It is thereby provides a picture that has to do with the reality of 99.9% of the self nothing.

There is so much like the picture, which gives as the sports coverage. For example, when reports about soccer stars, and then is never mentioned that to be 99% of young people who have dreamed of it once a professional footballer, did not make it.

This is even more extreme in the United States. I’ve been a big football fan and since I have a while before even one study, read, dealing with the reality of making money working there. Even though there are the stars who earn millions, but the average career lasts just over 3 years. This means that many players are on one or two years out.

The average salary was $ 770,000 in 2009. Many players from the second Series have only the minimum salary of $ 310,000 earned.

Whoever thinks that the money would be massive and would thus earn in three years, nearly $ 1 million, which should be remembered that many players have to finish her career with serious injuries, that they are not often get a good job and yes even taxes, etc. expected to continue. And since the money goes then maybe for a few years, but then?

Not to mention here that 99.9% of young people who dream of a professional career, but not create it.

What I want to clarify is that the reality is rarely what the public gets the most attention.

And so it is on the Web.

The Truth about Making Money on the Web
To be successful on the web is possible, but the picture is what many of them have rather eaten:

-It makes a lot of work
on (online) business building requires a lot of work. And if you have not won much money, or inherited, then it will work better or worse, thought of that. The promise of many that we can achieve something without working, turns out to be generally psychologically clever advertising.
Sometime when you have built up after many years of what we benefited sure of it and then it goes (at least partially) with less work. But there is not one without the first step.

-It takes a long time
there are no shortcuts. Of course you should use the available knowledge and that can keep one or the other of failure or even bringing a bit of time savings. But there is still a long process, a successful online business and expand, especially in the early days is not much to get around it.

-There is a risk
even if I do not regret the step to independence, so it is still a certain risk. There are no guarantees. And failure is now time for this business. This is quite normal. Those who bring a lot of perseverance and discipline, and failure to stand up again, has a good chance to do it.

-Do not make it all
Are we honestly do not manage them all. Basically, though most already have the chance to create it, but in the end there remains only one part. Besides the one or the other, there are just the lucky guy who put away and a lot of hard work, perseverance, setbacks and not close to their goals and visions just beside the eyes to reality. “Create” and here means to live well off. From Empire to begin I do not want.

-It is not sexy
I occasionally wonder about comments or emails. Since I already see some of the blog superstar and envy me, what is really strange. When I think about how many hours a day I sit in front of the PC, how much free time on it they are and how many normal everyday problems I have as a family man and man, then it is nothing at all sexy.
Of course there are moments where I pinch myself sometimes because I would have anticipated the success of the self in the net before. But the image of what many successful bloggers and other successful web entrepreneurs is much too positive.


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